Here are some of my artistic works as director, performer, producer and workshop facilitator.

As an artist I have worked with theatre and performance and as well as a writer. These works have been selected to show some of the things I have done.


Kuvia vastarinnasta (Portraits of Resistance) (2018)

Poster by Mari Hokkanen

I dramatized and directed a performance on the topic of how to form a realtion to armed resistance when the concept feels remote and there seems to be so much to fix in the world. I interviewed Kurdish political activist in Finland who support YPG female resistance fighters and had two talented kurdish performers to discuss the topic and make it into a performance with.

Performances and workshops were funded by Kansan sivistysrahasto and City of Espoo.

Demo version of the performance had its premiere at Urbanapa X Ateneum Festival 2.10.2017.

Performers: Shadan Ahmad, Zilan Denis, Maria Hukkamäki

Music and videos were made by Mika Kinnunen


I have done workshops for communities to make art contents usually in the context of theatre or performance.

Now I’m planning audience engagement workshops for performance Isän maa (Father’s Land), directed by Sini Pesonen that will be performed at The Finnish National Theatre. At this time it is still uncertain when the performance will be, as everything was changed after the corona virus outbreak. Play will hopefully premiered in 2020.

My workshops focus on how to perform gender and how to deal with gender expectation in chain of generations.

Picture by Mari Hokkanen


Luontoretki – Virtual  Forrest (2019)

Poster by Annika Järvelin

Luontoretki is a virtual installation about Finnish forrest by Tero Kaipanen. Aim of this installation was to bring the experience and memories of Finnish forrest for people at retirement homes and senior care facilities. Installation consists of staged space and a video that is viewed by virtual glasses and/or by projection in the space.

As a producer for this artwork I was in charge of audience engagement and worked as a link with communities and production. Also I was responsible for the administration of production.

Picture by Maria Gallen-Kallela


Performer with punk-performance band Pand & Tim since 2011. I have also acted on film and in theatre.

Constellation of performances of Panda & Tim by Jukka Vuorio and Henri Salonen

Viherpesu (2008)

Viherpesu is an anti-advertisement for greenwashing and was the winner of 2008 anti-advertisement competition held by environmental organizations in Finland for anti-consumerism. Add was directed by Yakup Albekoglu. Environmental issues have been close to my heart also in my art.

Performing in Yes Men performance at Lens Politica festival in 2009
Performing with Reverend Billy in anti-capitalist performance at Lens Politica festival in 2008